• Long Term Total Cost Reduction

    Long Term Total Cost Reduction

    Compared to traditional, carrier based insured and self insured employer health plans. No hidden costs.
  • Health Plan Self Funding Experts

    Health Plan Self Funding Experts

    Managing risk properly, safely, and within budget down to 75 employees.
  • Customized Plan Design

    Customized Plan Design

    Experienced, expert guidance in designing your health plan to your specifications.
  • Unique Medical Concierge Service

    Medical experts help employees find providers, estimate/negotiate costs that effect deductibles, coordinate care and more.
  • Beyond Hands On Help

    Teaching expertly at all company properties yearly. A dedicated employee insurance adviser and more.

Horizons Research Insurance, Inc. is successfully helping medium and large group employers, nationwide, create and service meaningful health benefit programs with proven higher-than-average overall cost reductions and strong customer satisfaction.

is nationally recognized as a leading health plan benefits consultancy that specializes in achieving low-risk, economically sound and highly successful self-funded health benefits programs.

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Self Funding/Stop Loss

Self-funding is not for everyone; but those companies that choose this option enjoy tremendous advantages with lower costs, independence and  overall efficiency when compared to traditional “Brick and Mortar” carrier based health insurance offerings, even when including the ASO insurer/carrier self-funded model. Read More >


Case Studies/Analysis

Of course, the best case study will always be an analysis of your current plan against an HRI customized,  proposed plan. There is no obligation nor a fee for our initial and very thorough analysis and report.  Still, we have included recent cases you may review here.  We are happy to supply peer to peer references for serious investigators.

Going Beyond The Basic Call Center

How can I find the best Medical Provider at the best cost? Through the Medical Concierge program you and your covered family members have access to trained professionals. Read More >

Request An Analysis

Let us put together a professional analysis of your current program to see how you can cut your costs.

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