About Us

HORIZONS RESEARCH INSURANCE, INC. (HRI) is nationally recognized as a Custom Employee Health Plan Benefits Consultancy that specializes in creating, brokering and maintaining economical and highly evolved self-funded health benefits programs for leaders in several industries including Hospitality, Energy, Farming/Dairy, Health Care, Manufacturing, Venture Capital and more.

We first tested our mettle in 2000 by helping a major hotel corporation solve its perennial issues with their health benefits system budget overruns.  They were “handcuffed” to a single option health plan as offered by a major insurance carrier.  There were other problems; the few employees that could afford the benefit loved the rich plan but so many more could not afford the necessary payroll deduction. MANY EMPLOYEES (especially the young and healthy) WENT WITHOUT THE INSURANCE BEING OFFERED.  The plan had little effect as an employment retention tool. The system was COSTLY and FAILING.

We offered, UNDER A THIRD OF THE COST, something simpler, wholly customized to the company’s specs, FULLY TRANSPARENT and with NO ADD-ON FEES.  We helped the national hotel company get rid of the costly and cumbersome carrier based system and initiated a unique health plan WITH SEVERAL OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM that would stay on budget with tremendous LASTING POWER to this very day.  The plan design is arguably THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY BENCHMARK.  In 2012 the plan’s total cost, at its annual renewal, came in at no increase, again.

HRI handles all aspects of design, procurement, implementation, administration and oversight of employee health benefit systems, self-insured and traditional carrier based insured systems alike.  A cornerstone of HRI’s success involves the hands on approach; working with clients and their employees on a daily basis providing communication, education and unique customer service functions at every employee level.  As part of their commitment, a core function includes face to face visits with employees at each property at least once a year; providing invaluable instruction and individualized help. A national medical “Concierge Service” also helps employees make educated provider choices while saving money and coordinating care with top providers.