Products and Services

Program Designs

As a fully independent national life & health consultancy we design and help administrate the highest quality, cost effective fully insured and self-funded medical, dental, vision and supplemental health insurance programs. We are committed to service to employer and employee.

  • Custom Designed Self Funded Health Benefit Plans
  • Self-Funded Plans for employers having 75+ employees with normal cash flow and normal claims.
  • Stop-Loss Insurance utilized to avoid unnecessary employer risk.
  • Multiple Option Plans (MOP) normally utilized with self-funded plans, empowers employees to select from a range of benefits options in a risk vs reward setting to better accommodate high vs low utilization users of the plan.
  • HSA, HRA & Section 125 and 105 System designs for small, medium and large companies. A turnkey administrative service that combines a savings corridor by using higher deductible health insurance that lowers annual insurance premiums. Medical reimbursements from the savings supplements costs in higher medical usage years.
  • Fully Insured and Administrative Service Only Plans from all quality insurance carriers.


Administration and Compliance

Claims Administration
Contract Renewals
On-going participation and termination processing
COBRA compliance and administration
Section 125 and 105 compliance and administration
Customer Service
Billing Administration
HIPAA compliance and administration
Regularly scheduled customized plan analysis and review
PPACA (Health Care Reform) analysis and compliance

Employer Paid and Voluntary Program

Life Insurance
Dental Insurance
Disability Insurance
Cancer Insurance
Supplemental Health Insurance
Employee Assistance Programs
Long-Term Care Insurance